Panda Play School

Why Choose Us?

We know we’re the best, now let us convince you.

  • All of our highly qualified teachers are certified in First Aid and CPR. We also go above and beyond the required amounts of continuing education to ensure that our teachers remain a step ahead.
  • Panda Play School is a perfect blend of school and home environment.
  • Our children are provided with healthy, fresh meals that are prepared on site each day.
  • All fruits and vegetables served to the children are organic.
  • Kids love to eat what they grow, therefore, we have indoor and outdoor gardens maintained by the children.
  • We have an indoor gym to ensure active play, even during inclement weather.
  • Free enrichment programs are offered such as yoga, music, Spanish, intro to sports, and infant sign language.
  • We are community based and partner with numerous local small businesses.
  • Panda Play School is privately owned by our director, bringing the intimate feeling of family to school.
  • Newly renovated with all the latest equipment.
  • Conveniently located near I-55 and I-355.